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About WhistleForensic

We are the first Indian firm specialising in Whistleblowing/ethics reporting and Forensic investigation solutions to support client organisations. We act as a bridge between an organisation and its employees/stakeholders and enable organisation to empower individuals to speak up of any wrongdoing. The process results in creation of better working environment and reduces the reputational risk for an organisation.

Why choose WhistleForensic

We at WhistleForensic believe that each reported issue, offers an opportunity to an organisation to improve its values, culture and efficiencies. We advise organisations on designing policies around Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest, Whistleblower mechanism and help promote them within the organisation. We provide solution of Case Management System to keep track of each case within the organisation.

  • Cost effectiveness for an organisation.
  • Provides safe and secure channels of reporting.
  • Whistleblowing platform can be accessed by Employees/stakeholders from anywhere.
  • First Indian firm providing whistleblowing services. Data is stored within Indian boundaries.
  • Forensic investigation and malware analysis support, if needed.

In addition, whistleblowing mechanism managed outside of an organisation enhances confidence amongst employees/stakeholders to speak up and report.

Benefits of Whistleblowing

As per a global survey, tips are the most common initial detection methods and an organisation having established independent whistle blowing mechanism gets to know of 46% more cases. Some of the benefits for an organisation in india having a whistleblowing mechanism are as follows:

  • Compliance of legal requirements (Adherence to Indian Companies Act, SEBI listing etc).
  • Promoting ethical environment in the organisation.
  • Early detection of cases of financial frauds, ethical misconduct, sexual harassment, bribery etc.
  • Protect against loss of brand reputation/good will.

Reporting at WhistleForensic

At WhistleForensic platform, people may bring up incidents of ethical wrongdoings, financial misappropriation (bribery, corruption, fraud, theft etc), conflict of interest, sexual harassment, misconduct, discrimination etc. in an organisation. People can report at WhistleForensic by any of the following means: -

  • Web portal (365 days and 24 hours).
  • Email (365 days and 24 hours).
  • WhatsApp messaging (365 days and 24 hours).
  • Postal letter (365 days and 24 hours).
  • Telephonic call (8am to 8pm, except on Sundays).

One may either choose to disclose her/his identity or remain anonymous. WhistleForensic shall not disclose identity of the person reporting the issue to client organisation, unless there is explicit consent of the person reporting. However, at times, identity may become apparent depending upon the nature of disclosure.

A unique ID and password are given to the person reporting the issue using web portal, email or telephonic call to trace progress on the reported issue and also to provide any additional information.

Handling of Issue

On receipt of the issue, WhistleForensic informs its client organisation about the issue received. The client organisation evaluates the issue and decides on further steps. The discretion to investigate remains with the client organisation.

Forensic Investigative Support

Most of the whistle-blower disclosures can be handled within the organisation, however, certain disclosures are complex/sensitive and demand specialised investigative skills for solution of cases.

WhistleForensic provides forensic investigative support to client organisation on their specific request. The investigative support also includes computer and mobile forensics.



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ADF forensic tools are the best lightweight, portable digital forensic software devices used worldwide to solve investigations:

•  Mobile Device Investigator™ - Android and iOS forensic investigation software designed for field investigators to collect, analyze and report on digital evidence.

•  Digital Evidence Investigator® - End-to-end forensic investigation software used in the lab and the field for rapid collection, analysis and reporting.

• Triage-Investigator® - Automated digital forensics software designed for teams and distributed field units for intelligent collection, analysis, and court-ready reporting.

•  Triage-G2® - The world’s best handheld media exploitation tool deployed by special forces, military, and intelligence agencies worldwide.

Companies, agencies and organizations looking to deploy triage and forensic solutions for mobile and computer devices should consider ADF’s Professional (PRO) tools. Digital Evidence Investigator® PRO, Triage-Investigator® PRO, and Triage-G2® PRO bundle in the capabilities of Mobile Device Investigator™.

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