Whistleblowing Services

We bridge the gap between company and its stakeholders

We offer mutiple platforms for reporting

Our services are trustworthy and secure


We hold expertise in building up an ecosystem to make whistleblowing mechanism effective in an organisation. There are many benefits of choosing us as your partner in this journey, some of them are :

We have multiple reporting channels - Web, Hotline, Email, WhatsApp & Letter

We are a Neutral Party making stakeholder feel safer

We have Certified individuals to take a debrief from the stakeholder

We create awareness on whistleblowing in the organisation

Cost effectiveness for you as no investment in infrastructure & resources

Disclosure Handling

We handle disclosures made by whistleblower from receipt till its submission to the client organisation.

Reporting of issue by Whistleblower on any of our's platform

We reconfirm issue from Whistleblower for clarity

Certified staff prepares disclosure report

Disclosure report shared with client

Client decide on further action

File a Report

You can submit a report, if the organization has subscribed for our services.To check if the organization is subscriber to our services, please fill in complete name of the organization below:

Forensic Investigative Services

Certified investigators incl. for Digital Investigations

Diverse Industry Experience

Confidentiality & Trust

Forensic Investigations

We have expertise in conducting investigations on matter related to fraud or employee misconduct and we support our investigations by retrieving evidences using digital forensics

Computer forensics include forensics of Registry Files, Emails, USB's, External Storage Devices, Browser usage, Cloud usage, Social media etc

Mobile forensics include forensics of SIM, SD card, Phone memory for SMS, Chats, Emails, Browser usage, Cloud usage, Social media, Photographs etc

Investigative Service include incidents of bribery, corruption, kickback, fraud, harassment, due diligence, background check, data theft etc


Technologically Advanced

Globally Trusted

Fast & Reliable

Advanced Digital Forensic (ADF) Solutions, USA

WhistleForensic LLP is an ADF Solutions Authorized Partner. ADF is the leading provider of digital forensic, triage and media exploitation software with tools built for speed, scalability, ease-of-use, and relevant results. ADF software quickly processes and analyzes smartphones, computers, external drives, drive images, and other media storage (USB flash drives, memory cards, etc.). ADF software has a proven track record of reducing forensic backlogs, streamlining digital investigations and providing rapid access to digital evidence and intelligence. ADF forensic tools are the best lightweight, portable digital forensic software devices used worldwide to solve investigations:

1. Mobile Device Investigator™ - Android and iOS forensic investigation software designed for field investigators to collect, analyze and report on digital evidence.

2. Digital Evidence Investigator® - End-to-end forensic investigation software used in the lab and the field for rapid collection, analysis and reporting.

3. Triage-Investigator® - Automated digital forensics software designed for teams and distributed field units for intelligent collection, analysis, and court-ready reporting.

4. Triage-G2® - The world’s best handheld media exploitation tool deployed by special forces, military, and intelligence agencies worldwide.

Companies, agencies and organizations looking to deploy triage and forensic solutions for mobile and computer devices should consider ADF’s Professional (PRO) tools. Digital Evidence Investigator® PRO, Triage-Investigator® PRO, and Triage-G2® PRO bundle in the capabilities of Mobile Device Investigator™. Learn more about ADF and our partnership at https://www.adfsolutions.com/partner/whistle-forensic-india

About Us

Believer of Good Governance & Culture

Committed and Transparent

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We specialise in Whistleblowing/ethics reporting and Forensic investigations to support client organisations. We at WhistleForensic believe that each reported issue, offers an opportunity to an organisation to improve its values, culture, efficiencies while reduce financial and reputational risk. We advise organisations on designing policies around Whistleblower mechanism, Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest, Conducting Investigations and help promote them within the organisation.

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